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Employment Law & Counseling

At Olin Lippiello LLP, we put our clients first.

We believe everyone deserves the right to work in an environment where they feel safe, and are compensated and treated fairly. Olin Lippiello LLP is here every step of the way—always going the extra mile. We put our legal experience to work for you, so you can feel good about getting back to work or the business you have built.

  • Discrimination & Retaliation
  • Employment Contracts
  • Harassment
  • Wage, Hour, & Overtime Issues


We fight for all workers, in all types of jobs. Our clients include line workers, CEOs, drivers, academics, and mid-level managers. We care for and counsel employees in various difficult situations. We understand that you may be concerned that bringing up an issue with your employer might put your job at risk. We are here to make sure your rights are protected and we will work with you for the most optimal results.


Companies face employment headaches every day. The legal landscape changes constantly, forms and paperwork can be overwhelming, and personalities often clash. We advise business clients on how to abide by employment laws and create an environment where everyone’s rights are respected and employees are treated and paid fairly. We fight for employers who are trying to get back to business.

You Have Rights

Employees are protected by over 180 federal employment laws, as well as additional state enactments. These include discrimination laws, family and medical leave statutes, safety and health regulations, wage and overtime rules, equal employment laws, and civil rights acts. Many laws also protect employees from being retaliated against by their bosses or the company.

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You have the right to talk with an attorney—doing so earlier in a complicated situation can make all the difference in managing the problem so that it doesn’t get harder to deal with later on. If you have been fired, you need to talk with a lawyer to determine if your termination was illegal or wrongful under one of the many laws that protect employees. Call us at 413-203-0010 to talk through your situation.

Our Approach

When you’re our client, we listen to your situation. We listen to what you really want, give you advice, and make sure you understand your rights and options. We’re with you from beginning to end. Above all else, we are counselors.

When you’re our client, we advocate for you. We give you a voice and empower you with a better understanding of your employment rights and the knowledge that you have someone on your side to protect those rights.


When you’re our client, we negotiate for you. We will talk to the other side, seek resolutions, and obtain compensation for you when necessary. We give you the power to negotiate creative solutions to difficult employment situations.


When you’re our client, we discuss when mediation is appropriate. We help resolve tricky employment issues, engage in dialogue, and work with third-party neutrals on your behalf. We mediate results so you can get back to work.

If necessary, when you’re our client, we litigate. We go to bat for you, argue for your rights in court, and try your case if required. We are unafraid to stand up for you when all else fails. We litigate for justice, and for you.

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