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Litigation & Civil Disputes

Civil disputes can be complicated — at Olin Lippiello LLP, we’re with you each step of the way.

A hallmark of a civilized democracy is the willingness of its citizens to submit their disputes to a court of law. Civil disagreements are far ranging, from personal injury cases, to contract disputes, collection matters, insurance coverages, consumer protection—the list goes on.

At Olin Lippiello LLP, we will vigorously pursue your claim and do everything in our power to achieve a successful outcome. You can be sure that your matter will be personally handled and your questions and concerns promptly addressed, and you can be confident knowing that your legal representation will be of the highest quality in terms of professionalism and effectiveness.

We Specialize in Civil Litigation

We will represent you in trial, or at hearings, arbitrations, or mediations before administrative agencies and state and local courts. We are with you from start to finish. Whether you’re seeking compensation for damages or defending yourself against a complaint filed against you, our experienced trial lawyers are with you from start to finish.


Our Litigation & Civil Disputes Practice Areas

Complex Commercial Disputes
Commercial disputes are cases between and among businesses. Often commercial disputes involves tort law, common law principles, or statutes passed by legislatures that are unique to a particular industry.

Consumer & Internet Fraud Issues
Consumers in particular are susceptible to fraud. Of particular concern are internet contracts and “click-wrap” agreements, which fall under contract law.

Contractual Breaches
Much civil litigation involves breaches of contract. To qualify as a contract, there needs to be an “offer” that is “accepted” and supported by “consideration” (something of value).

Unfair & Deceptive Acts & Practices
If a company has breached its contract to you and acted egregiously, you may be able to sue the business for an unfair practice under one of the above laws.

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