We Are Here for You During the COVID-19 Crisis

These are challenging times, for everyone. At Olin Lippiello LLP, we are here to help with your legal needs during the Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) crisis. Our phone lines are open 413-203-0010. We can be reached by email either at contact@oliplaw.com, or directly to nate@oliplaw.com (for Nathan Olin), or lisa@oliplaw.com (for Lisa Lippiello). Lisa and Nate are working around the clock to address the immediate legal needs of our community. Our mantra has always been, “We go the extra mile!” And now, more than ever, we are here to go the extra mile for you.

As you know, the attorneys at Olin Lippiello LLP specialize primarily in criminal defenseemployment law, and personal injury matters. There are immediate needs in each area, so you should check back here regularly. On the criminal law front, court closures and suspension of trials mean that many clients feel untethered and their rights violated. People are also still getting injured, harassed, and retaliated against. And in the area of employment law and counseling, the legal needs are huge: workers are being laid off; unemployment questions abound; and sick leave concerns are paramount.

Over the next several weeks, we plan to use this space to provide practical, everyday legal information to our community. Please share this link with anyone who may need our legal expertise. And please also do not hesitate to reach out directly to either Nate (nate@oliplaw.com) or Lisa (lisa@oliplaw.com) or at 413-203-0010. We live here. We work here. And we remain here for you.