Welcome to Olin Lippiello LLP!

Hi! We are Nate and Lisa, and we are so happy to welcome you to our new website. Each of us have been practicing law for a while in various settings. We have both also worked as public servants, raised families in Western Massachusetts, and litigated lots of interesting cases along the way. And now, as of early 2017, we have joined forces to create Olin Lippiello LLP.

Our motto is: “We Go the Extra Mile.” That phrase means a lot to our clients. They know that when they call us, they will reach us. We don’t farm out our cases to junior associates or paralegals. We also don’t make our clients wait days for us to return their calls or emails. We have even been known to meet our clients at their homes or places of business.

In future posts, we will tell you a little more about each of us, how we met, and how we formed our unique partnership. (Here’s a hint: running has a lot to do with it.) We will also link you to some of our community activities and, we trust, supply you with critical information that might help you if you are facing a particular legal challenge.

For now, however, we hope that you find our website to be a useful source of information. Browse around. Take some notes. And then call us. Or email us. Or fax us (if that’s your thing). However you get to us, we’ll be ready to talk with you about your legal needs. At Olin Lippiello LLP, we go the extra mile!